The noise of silence is penetrating as if it had sound,

And yet it is not there, nothing being heard is around.

Use to a clock chiming away, hour after hour, day after day,

Then take that clock and store it in the closet,

And you will hear it around the house, tic, tock, a sure bet.


There is no sound in space, no complaints, no nagging,

You cannot be disgraced, no praying to the saints, no ragging.

Just silence and it will turn you wild,

Nothing there at all, nothing sharp, nothing mild.


We go crazy with sound and crazy without,

All that talk and its really nothing about,

We say the same things over and over to extreme,

Nothing sacred, everything said on the beam.

And it will drive you crazy, fraying at the seam.


Silence is golden but beware the gold,

For it is tarnished and it tends to grow old.

Beware the silence, shiver in fear,

For noise is required for you to hear.


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