A Christmas Poem

A Christmas Poem

There is a secret generated from the north pole,

A secret this poem will explain as it will unfold.

A year when Santa got the flu really bad,

A year when all of the elves  were extremely sad.


For the toys for the girls and boys would not be given,

And this would go down in history as not forgiven.

Nothing under the tree is not acceptable,

No apologies allowed this is unacceptable,


Someone must deliver our product of joy,

We worked so hard to give a gift to every girl and boy.

Mrs. Claus picked up the mantle and got in the suit of red,

Even with the snow outside, the sleet and weather to dread,

“I will take the reigns of the sleigh tonight,

Santa must get rest and sleep through this night.”


She did the deed and with aplomb and speed,

No children would go without for she did lead.

The sleigh and eight reindeer with Rudolph with his nose so bright,

She was superb that harsh and cold winters night.


This is the secret of long ago,

Keep it to  yourselves and let no one know.

For as she sped through the stormy flight,

She yelled, “Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!”


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