Does haste make waste, therefore garbage collection is a matter of haste.

I would love to know what is a tisket a tasket.

Wall street should have a lot of cubicles.  Do they communicate to each other.

I had a broker and he broke me.

Sometimes I wish I could fly and then I realize I could also crash.

I do not like the outfit of Superman.  I mean an S on his chest.  Who else would he be?  Spud Man, Spiderman, Silly Putty Man.

I do like the Thin Man but his he always on a diet?

Are birds frequent flyers?

Someone shot me the bird so I ate the turkey.

What is white meat and dark meat?  Is dark meat from the dark side and therefore Darth Vaderish?

There use to be a term called Bread and Butter, but if the commitment is loose maybe it should be bread and marginine

Did Mrs. Morse lose her period resulting in a lot of dashes?

Why did not King Kong take the elevator up the Empire State Building?

Can you name the colors of the rainbow and if so can we add a new color.

My question mark key is not responding and I question why.

Are slip covers slippery as an eel.

Some people want to be mediocre and achieve this well.

Do astronauts reach for the stars.

Was the asperagus arrested for stalking.


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