Puny puns

What is bliss?  Are you blessed if you have bliss?

I have a blister and do not have bliss.

Projects scare me.  I started out to become a man and became a wimp.

Bubbles are amazing they can burst and pop and then again they can levitate.

Was friar  Tuck folic deprived or just genetic with a bald trait.

I have four bald tires and I blame this on the genetics of my old car.

Luggage is exactly that.  Something to lug and you become aged by doing that.

Moby  Dick is a strange novel.  Who do you want to win the whale, or Ahab or Ismael.  Later Moby rises and Ahab now a skeleton haunts the behemoth.

The Scarlet Letter was an A in red.  A for adultery.  If I branded everyone today with an A I should have good marks throughout the country.

Do reindeer fly in the rain on Christmas night?

Mother  Goose had a bad birth with sad tails for the ugly goose.

If Wonder Woman flies in an invisible plane would you not see her as she flies by?

Does Aquaman swim in salt or fresh water?

Does Superman get upset when he is rejected by Lois Lane?

Block have buildings on them and buildings can be made of concrete blocks.  Is that not redundent?

Why did the ice man have a chip on his shoulder?  Did he give people the cold shoulder?


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