Scary Things’

Do you believe in ghosts or zombies that feast on your brains,

Are you afraid of the Yeti or the crazies that are classified insane,

Afraid of the dark, Are you, does Yoda float in space?

Afraid of people from an alien race?

Afraid of failure, of your tires going bald,

Afraid of the dog starring at you with thoughts to maul,

Afraid of ISIS, afraid to walk in a mall,

Afraid of going to church because of the path and what might befall,

Afraid of going to hell, at warp speed no less,

Afraid of taking an exam or a really hard test,

Afraid of snakes, alligators and things with scales,

Afraid of the dirt in the water and scary tales,

Do not  look in the closet or under the bed.

Remember fear is really being scared of things unsaid.


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