A view on life.

Is the cup half full or half empty?

Is the ball rolling or standing still?

Am I in debt or is there bill after bill?

Is there a pill to cure the ills  of a society gone mad?

Is there a remedy for those days when I am sad?

Does growing old make us smart as a idiot savant?

Do I have all the Christmas gifts that I will ever want?

Welcome to the world of questions  with no answers.

Ask Santa Claus or the elfs or Dasher or Prancer.

For it is in the wind and there is no rhyme to the currents.

Good will to all men and to some abhorents.

Go to hell in a blink of an eye,

For you deceivers and liars that I do despise.

I will stick with those with a smile on their puss.

And avoid those who ramble and cuss.


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