Confusion in the ranks

What is a fly ball?  The ball of a fly?

Blind as a bat but are bats really blind and do they live in a belfry?

Why did three blind mice have their tails cut off?  Is a serial tail killer?

Is Mrs. Goose a mother and who is the father?

How comfortable is sitting on a tuffet?

What kind of spider came along?

Why was Jack and Jill going up the hill when the stream is alongside the house?

If the runner in baseball is safe and then gets tagged is the tagger a safe cracker?

If humans are so important than God would put them in the center of the universe and to my knowledge we are at the edge.

If all people were zombies than who would eat whom?

I heard of a vampire who was killed by eating A one sauce.  By the way, there is a competitor called B. Sauce.

It is almost X-Mas and time to watch the X movies.  Does Santa ever diet?  What does he feed his reindeer and does his reindeer go in the rain or wear raincoats?

I went to the seven eleven and had a frosty.  And it was in the summer when frosty is not a snowman but a slushy.

Remember the milk man.  Was he made of milk?  Was his mother a cow?


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