The smile of the fates.

The winter was harsh and the summer boiling,

During all this time his body showed the signs of his toiling.

Muscles ached and his head throbbed in pain,

Waking up and going to work was driving insane.


He wished to retire and no longer perspire,

But the bills arrived one by two,

And then he lost so much money the time he was sued.

Broke and barely able to pay the bills,

He was so tired of paying them and taxes rules.


It seemed each month he was further behind,

It was the omens of the times and he was born under the wrong sign.

But a lottery ticket changed his luck and he won big,

He held the ticket in his hand as he crossed the road and then hit by the semi rig.


Laying there dying with a fortune in his hand,

Knowing he was dying he looked to pass the fortune before he turned to sand.

He handed it to a beggar who held his head as he died,

He tried to give it to him and then he passed with a sigh.


The beggar did not understand this paper that the man handed him,

It meant nothing to him for he was feeble minded and his mind was dim.

And later that day after the dead was taken away,

He slipped the lottery ticket in his shoe to cover the hole, the lottery ticket did not save the day.


The beggar with a lottery ticket in his shoe worth millions if cashed,

Soggy at first then it became mish mashed.

Destiny and fate have a smile on the smirking face,

Of the creator who lives above in the heavenly place.


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