And the king of the jungle said to those around him, “Believe in me” for I will make it great and all will be good.  I can deal with all the problems and resolve them properly.  All you need is to believe in me.

And the masses followed the king like lemmings followed the Piped Piper.

But the trouble was that the piper had only one tune and really no knowledge of music.

Thus the king was in the same vein.  He was good at deals for he was powerful and people fawned around him as if he was an idol.  And those who did not deal was trampled down as insignificant bumps in the road.

The king trumped all and was anointed.  And then he feasted.  He feasted on those who blindly followed him.  He was the king and who says no to the king.

Fear the king.


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