Thoughts of the day.

Life is short.  You can remember a day, a week, a month but the years fly by.


It has ups and downs.  Some days are great and others not so good. Everybody has troubles, dramas, and mood swings.


There are stages one goes through.  Some are great stages and other one’s suck.


The silver spoon you were suppose too have may have tarnish on it.  Even rich people with all the money you can imagine have days they think life sucks.

We all face the piper whether we like the music or not.


We constantly wait for the other shoe to fall.


Just when you think you have it all, the toilet paper runs out.


ATM machines do not give you more money than you have in your account.


If you do not like yourself than hopefully someone will steal your identity.


Got milk is not the logo for people with lacto intolerance.


They freed the slaves so why do I go to work and slave away?


Imagine you have to take a pill to have a child.  No consequences for a sexual life and no need for condoms.  Would the population go up or down?


Cars will soon drive themselves. If there is an accident who gets the ticket?

The computer of the car was speeding or did not give the right of way?


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