Smart: Keep your mouth shut

Hubris: Keeping one’s mouth shut.


Sometimes our ego’s get in the way, and we feel that we can do anything.  Sometimes it causes a jealousy and drama which we can avoid.  Watching the Big Bang Theory I see a lot of hubris in Sheldon, the doctor, Cooper.  A man with a big brain and an enormous ego.  A leader to himself and a pain in the ass to those around him.

I do not have his brain power and for that I am glad.  It would just be a distraction from living my life.  Imagine being that intellectual and no body listening.  Imagine being that opinionated and everyone shunning you.

I know, he has a small group of friends but they all have a problem.  All are intelligent, perhaps even nerds, but problems abound.  Except for Penny, Penny who has a drinking problem. At least that is my three cents.

Here is my example of not keeping my mouth shut.  I taught many years and in my school they had teams.  My teacher consisted of three other teachers. Each of us had a discipline.

We were give a hundred and forty students and set up the rotation of what class they would be in.  We were a good team of seasoned teachers.

Education was based on length.  The longer you taught the higher up on the pay scale you went.  So if you did an adequate job your salary could be the same as a person on the same level who did a great job.  My team always did a hundred and ten percent.

Here is the rub. Jealousy.  Because we did so much more we were used by the administration as why are a ploy against other teams.  They would try to get the other teams to work harder to match up against us.  The other teachers therefore got tired hearing this and resented us.  I mentioned this to a friend who gossiped it around the school and boy did I get a lot of negative response.  Did you ever have this experience?

Now I have learned to do the job but not to exceed it.  It is hard to do but I rather fit in than stand out.  Does that ruin it?


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