Old Age

Old age is a croc of crap,

Sitting around waiting for an angel to make the tap.

Hair is gray and thinner than before,

My stomach protruding hanging to the floor.


Things I use to be able to eat go down bad,

My missing teeth have been replaced with dentures, so sad.

I go to sleep at an early hour,

Muscles tired, now lacking power.


How much television can one watch in a day of viewing,

Watching Judge Judy, and a slew of people suing.

And dancing with the stars who have been passed into nova,

Most of them now bland and like clam chowder.


I have clothes which are older than sin,

I need no comb anymore as my hair is so thin,

Should I rock in a rocking chair back and forth,

Should I place on my lap that quilt like cloth.


No, a defiant negative comes to my lips,

My body is not capable of doing back flips,

So I marched down to a job fair,

Took a job at an amusement park, so there!

I see children smile and parents beam,

And I feel younger than I seem,


Smiles are the cure for old age,

They seem to turn back the page,

To when I was younger and smiled myself,

Putting off the rigors of getting old, back on the shelf.


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