Can aqua man swim in jello?

Can superman have sex with a human or is automatic death for the woman with a thrust of his hips?

If a werewolf mates in human form would his off spring morph since its blood is tainted.

Can one be ambidextrous with their feet?

Where exactly is somewhere?

I have heard of the A male, but what about the d face?  Is it a mar on the visage of humanity?

How hot are aces in the hole? Are not all cards whole cards?

What do you feed a steel horse I ride?

Would the knights of old wear aluminum shield?

FBI agents are to shield the president of the United States.  If an FBI agent was gay would he therefore be a panty shield?

If Dee is in the can, is she candy?

Is substance subpar on its stance?

What are the tricks at the White House for Halloween?  Would you be arrested, interrogated and imprisoned?

If a human has a sty in his eye what about a pig?  Could it have a sty in its eye and be in a sty?

Como is how in Spanish.  Was Perry Como Spanish and how was Perry?

Which would you like to be stabbed with, an epee, a saber or board sword?  Answer and I wonder why you wish to be stabbed.

Words within a word is a puzzle.  Pirates are irate.

What is the prize in surprise?

Is it true or knot?


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