A Thanksgiving Thought

We are going to Thanksgiving at my son’s house in Tampa,

There we will eat the bird and other things to sampa,

Turkey and gravy, the mouth waters at the thought,

Stuffing and veggies, cranberries and stuff which many have brought.


A meal with the family all living lives and going in directions apart,

At this meal reunited, the family spirit together again, a rekindled start,

Catching up on the interim stories that happen every day,

Those places that loved ones went to and so much to say.


Blessed day of seeing loved ones again,

A true family meal for kin and friend,

The bird comes out all golden and brown,

The mashed potatoes covered with gravy, there is no frown.


Rekindle spirit the family continues even though the years come and go,

This is the ebb of life, a circle if you wish, the human spirit and the way life does flow.

Some  have gone, some have married, some have had children and all have stories,

Most of them dumb and trite, but to be treated with friendship and relishing their glories.

Family is the word that comes to mind that is the center of life,

Add to this the friendship of people who share this planet loaded with strife.

And around the table we all stop for a moment and give a small prayer,

For those who do not have the ability to be happy and those who do not have a share.


We are lucky and should realize the bounties that we have received,

Those at the table have family and friends, a spirit conceived.


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