My son, the mortgage broker

The Mortgage shuffle.


“I have finally got my own room.  I do not have to share the space with my sibling.  Thank you.”

This quote is from a client’s son of Sam Wax who found the family a home with space to grow.

We all need to reevaluate our situations.  When I was young I choose young things.  A car with speed, a rented place with one bedroom and a bathroom.  A small refrigerator.

Then I got married and the car got traded in.  The family would be coming and speed went by the wayside as room in a car to handle young ones was needed.  Rent became a mortgage.

Mortgages are scary.  I did not want to take a college course called Mortgages 101.  I did not want to make mistakes.  I noted that banks had an agenda.  Everyone wanted me to use their man or woman but they were usually with a firm that represented one company.  I learned I was better off with competition on my side.  I wanted a comparison person.  I found that in Sam Wax, My Easy Mortgage.

Now my son has his own room.  And his sister is smiling.

Sam Wax is on the internet at My Easy Mortgage and open to questions about mortgages.  He is located in Tampa but handles all of Florida.  He is knowledgeable and handles refi, all sorts of mortgages, construction mortgages and is a great source to ask the questions you need answered.


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