House of Wax

1953   House of Wax, the first 3-D movie, is released.

Now this would be interesting but because my last name is Wax I personally love this movie.  What is not to love? Vincent Price is the ham, and in a role not noted, Igor who is played by Charles Buchinsky, who changes his name to Charles Bronson, add Frank Lovejoy and a few others and you get a classic.

People incased in Wax.  Now add three D.  This is a B classic that I have watched many times.  The pace is good, the acting hammed up and the premise absurd.

This is the ultimate popcorn movie.  And at the end with a giant vat of wax the climax is pouring out.

The first three D. is interesting.  Today they would use other techniques but in fifty three this was new.  Not used much.  There is one scene where a man is hitting a ball on a piece of wood at you but the movie could have been made without three d.

There was a remake but not fun.  Now Jurassic Park is coming.  Boy have we moved on.  Now dinosaurs pop out of the screen.  Gobble, gobble.  I wonder if we taste like chicken.  Note: call up Silence of the Lambs guy and ask him.


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