Do cats have personalities and therefore react different in different situations,

Do they understand when called and calculate what you are doing, do they have temptations.

Do the treats you feed them change the way they react to you, is there a semblance of love,

There seems to be two types of cats those who lie around on the ground and those who hang out above.


We have five cats left that are in our care but they all seem as different as slices of pie.

Some seem aloof, some are frisky and some act like they are in the act of a sigh.

Gone now are Purry and Murray, both black as the night, we miss their meows at night.

Gone is Mr. Meow Meow, died of some kind of disease and passed in his sleep,

Gone is Baby from age, she walked on delicate feet.


Left is Morris, the smartest cat I have ever seen,

There is Jules, a Turkish Van who is smart as a Waco bean.

Whitey is scared of everything in sight,

And last is Bad Kitty who is always up for a fight.  (update, he died)


My wife is the cat lover who tends to these beasts,

My job is opening the cans of cat food for their feasts.

Grooming and petting is the daily grind,

A meow or purr is the thing we love, the contentment sign.


In our backyard is the graves of those cats we owned and passed on.

Memories of them continue and it is like they just moved on.


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