A little horror with your coffee or tea

He tracked the animal that was looting his farm and stealing his beef.

He looked at its footprints on the trail and for signs of the broken leaf.

This thief of the night that had taken five head of steers,

And then in a clearing he found their carcasses and he had flowing tears.

Something horrible had gored out their insides and left them to rot,

Their stomachs ripped open, he tried to figure out the culprit and could not.

There was no evidence of eating the flesh, just pieces surgically removed,

And then he saw that the dead steers were arranged on the ground, their bodies so moved.

A pentagram formed with the corpses, he considered this a demon cult,

Demon worshipers doing this dastardly deed, a slap in the face, a human insult.

Why such slaughter, a sacrifice to some devil god,

An insult to him, a warning, an omen, he felt nauseous in his bod.

Then he heard it from deep in the woods and the fear struck deep,

For the devil worshipers had succeeded, from hell a vile creature did leap.

It knocked him off his feet and he felt its claws ripping him in two,

He now became a victim of the demon and his body added to the clue.

A mystery, not solved and this section of the state now considered under the curse,

People scared to go out and about for the monster lurks, something out there that was perverse.

So be scared of the unknown and beware of what you do not understand,

Make sure you are protected, be armed, and alarmed even on your own land.


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