A Prayer at the End of another Year

A Simple Prayer for You.

It is the end of the year and reflection is the air.

There are days I remember.  I am sixty nine and many days have faded away.  But there are some that remain in the front.

Meeting my wife.  Getting married.  The birth of my three children.  Especially the last which was done by a midwife.  Buying a car, a house, a final life insurance policy.  Those are the personal moments.

The vacations, buying a great baseball card, the garage sales, the good meals, the good intimate moments.  Creating life, and celebrating great moments.  Retiring from the chaos of teaching.  Chaos can be good but overwhelming.

Seeing a good movie, which lately is rare.  Seeing a good television program.  Seeing cosmos which is spectacular.  Seeing something on television which makes me feel mankind or womankind serves a greater purpose.  Seeing God in the smallest of things and the biggest of things.

Seeing the birth of my daughter and later the birth of her daughter.  I was in the room at both births.  And yes, it was a miracle moment.

Seeing a sunset through my eyes, hearing laughter of a child at LEGOLAND where I have my retirement job.  Seeing a smile on my family’s faces.  Seeing my Grandson at Grandparents day at his school, and watching my Granddaughter dance at recitals.

These are the things that mean something to me.

Remembering the places I have visited and the history I have seen and been part of.  Seeing the sights of beauty that exist in nature like the Grand Canyon.  Seeing the crater a meteor made, traveling in the mountains, and rafting down a river.  Parasailing over Acapulco, and going to the zoo, and a day of just enjoying life.

To sum it up, a life worth living and enjoying.  May all of you have these and other great moments?


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