Lucky Cup

Grandmother was a hoot.  She always had a smile for me and kept me level headed as I went through one problem or another.  She was going towards ninety and was still rational.  I on the other hand was fifty five and faced problems that I felt were insurmountable.  Work was a drag as the bank was thinking of laying off people because of the toxic mortgage debacle.  My marriage was getting shaky even though the kids were on their own.  We seemed to be drifting apart and money was always a problem especially with the thought that my job could be in jeopardy.

I always told my grandmother everything but I noticed that her attention was not as it used to be.  She tended to tell me the same stories over and over.  I attributed it to getting older.  As she talked she sipped tea from her “lucky cup.”  Her “lucky cup” was a story unto itself.  It goes back to when grand pop Frank was alive.  It was twenty years ago and they had moved from Michigan to Boca Raton, Florida.  The moving service placed all their furniture and fragile items into a huge truck.  This truck had a terrible accident on I-95.  It landed on its side and most of their items including their valuables were destroyed in the crash.  One of the items a box with their china in it, marked fragile, was thrown out of the truck.  Upon going through the items to see what was salvageable Grandma found that only one cup from that box survived intact.  She promptly named it the “Lucky Cup” and placed it on a shelf in her kitchen.

Age creeps up on you.  Her husband, my grandfather, Frank passed shortly after they moved in and Grandmother started to have financial problems. Frank just did not have enough life insurance.  Her three kids chipped in but it was a burden for them.  Then one day Grandma took the cup down, steeped some tea and sipped it that special morning.  It was the anniversary of her husband’s death. She had a dream the night before of five numbers.  That morning she went food shopping at the grocery store and on a whim bought a ticket with those numbers on it.  She won.  Financial security for her, her children and a little something for the grand kids, including me.

Two weeks ago Grandmother called me and asked me to come over.  I went to her the next day.  She insisted on giving me two small boxes.  One contained the “lucky cup” and the other a tin of tea.  “Have a cup of tea every morning in the cup and things will work out for you,” she said.

I did not want to make her unhappy so I took the two gifts.  “What about you?” I asked.

“I had enough luck and now it is your time.” she replied.

As I left I gave her a big hug.  Two days later she passed.  She had a smile on her face.

A couple of weeks later I opened the two packages and had a cup of tea.  That afternoon the bank president informed me that the bank was being absorbed by a larger bank.  The big bank wanted me for interviews.  I got a bigger job with a big increase in salary.  My wife stayed with me and things are going smoothly.  Every morning I have a cup of tea in my “lucky cup.”

This testimony was from Bill Harrison who swears by his “lucky cup.”  The Lucky Cup Company is making this extraordinary offer.  For two payments of $25 a lucky cup can be yours.  Just pay separate shipping and postage and Luck can be around the corner. Remember tea not coffee.

Do This Quickly and Luck Will Be Yours.  Signed Tom McHorn, President of Lucky Cups, Inc.


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