Good luck or bad luck?

shlekht glik or mazel tov?  Which one do you choice?

One is good for you and the other will give you the blues.

Sometimes what we wish for is not really what we need,

Sometimes hard work is implied and not just given the seed.

We need to strive to accomplish a task or else the task has no meaning.

We need to have a goal in mind, a purpose to work and the art of dreaming.

So to all you out there it may seem winning the lottery is a way of getting the dream,

But sometimes that accomplishment causes problems that are not foreseen.

If you had the power would you use it for good or evil?

Remember evil is missing the d and add it on you get devil.

And evil backwards is live, a coincidence I think not.

Sometimes we wish to sleep on the royal bed, and end up on the cot.

We wish for a pony and forget it will crap on the carpet,

We want to become a war hero and forget the plight of the vet.

We wish to be admired and forget you give up your personal life,

We wish to be king but forget the importance of the queen, your wife.

So like the flip of the penny I ask you good or bad luck, you decide,

Remember both choices give you a road which you must ride.

Good luck to you and have a nice day, or rainy day, either way you get the day.

May peace be your ride this day of all days?


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