Vacation and the nightmare which follows.

Why is it always on your day off you feel lousy?  You get the headache which is huge or there is a body part that is sore and hurts.

We work and hit the vacation time and are plans go down the drain.

With kids this is even more predictable.  How many times did they get sick just before vacation?  How many vacations went to the dogs because one of the kids is sick and yet everyone wants to get out there and go on the trip of a lifetime?  So what do people do?  They drag the kid, sneezing and coughing to the hotel hoping that the child will get well on the way.

Ever been on a plane with a sick child sitting somewhere down the aisle?  Some child throwing up because the parents insisted on going on the vacation of a lifetime.  Yes, we have all been there.

I work at a resort and can testify that parents bring in children who are sick.  Share the germs.

We have a pool and on occasion a child throws up right in the water and we have to empty the pool.

How many children visit the medic at Disney?  That is right it does happen.  Scrapes happen, kids run and fall.  Bones break.

It is a nightmare at all vacation spots.

But that occurs with adults too.  Think no one ever dies at a convention?  Yeah, vacation time.  A time of peace and quiet.

Or is it?


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