The Time of Your Life.

When is it the time of your life?

Is it the time of peace and no strife?

Or is it reaching for the peak and ascending to the top?

Is it the meeting of the love of your life and not being rejected?

Is it the holding of hands and going through life and memories reflected?

Is it the birth of a child from a union of two people in love?

Is it the accomplishments of life, graduation, getting the job, getting the perks above?

Or is it settling into a place of one’s own and decking the halls with finery?

Or is it understanding the complexities of it all and adding it up in binary?

Whatever it is, may you have the time of your life.

An up is in it for you, so to you I say, “Mazel Tov”


2 thoughts on “The Time of Your Life.

    • I would like an autographed book for my granddaughter. Send me a bill to 428 Lake Elizabeth Drive, Winter Haven, Florida, 33884 and I will send the check. I know I am ancient and old school but that is how I spin the record. Barry Wax

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