Advise to those in a rut. Simple and to the Point.

The quaintness of life.  We try to get through it and have no strife,

But the stuff happens and we get down, put on the makeup of a clown.

Do not let life get you down, for a life runs by fast,

And to get out of your depression you need that kick in you’re a….

Sometimes losing that job is a blessing in a disguise,

In reality the job stunk and attracted the flies.

You were stuck at the desk and files blocked your view,

Now you are free to do something else, something you want to do.

You broke up with that wonderful person that you were supposed to love to death due you part,

The person you argued with on a consistent basis and had an agenda a la carte.

They bullied you and made you do what they wanted to do,

They put you in a box and paraded you out for others to view.

The ties that bind sometimes cut deep into the heart,

Now they have been severed, it is the new life you must start.


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