A poem for the Depressed Me

It was the drop in the bucket which caused it to overflow,

It was the one hit in the head which caused the embolism to blow.

It was the straw which broke the camel’s back,

It was the thread that was pulled that caused the rip in the sack.

It is the little thing that can cause the disaster, the sinking of the idea,

It is the added ingredient which can make or break the hops in the beer,

It is the extra chocolate bar which added the weight to give her the big rear,

It was the stutter which caused the audience to laugh when the actor read the speech by King Lear.

So cross the I’s and dot the t’s, reverse I have dyslexia I fear.

Watch your p and q and do it asap.

We are caught in the bubble and it will tear, or so I fear.


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