Getting to save your kid

How to save your child:

This is a memo to all the parents out there who are in a quandary of what to do to keep their child on the straight and narrow.

Now most of you are aware of the following information and yet so many children go down the drain that I indeed do wonder.

It starts in the early years.  The birth is the easy part.  There will be pain and frustration of nights spent awake with the noise of crying.  There will be worry and the fears of disease and accidents.  I would love to tell you it gets easy.  But it does not.

As your child progresses there are things to be done by you.  Every child is different but they seem to fall into different cubby holes.

I believe in sports.  Sports for boys and girls.  The importance of sports is tremendous.  It hopefully will give direction but more importantly it gives access to better schools and college grants.  While your child is doing the sports you need to investigate how to get those pathways secure.  Yes, if the child is dynamite they will seek you out.  But even if the child is just okay in a sport, your knowledge is extremely important.  Now everyone knows of football but there are other sports to consider.  Rugby?  La Crosse?  Yes, I know you do not know how to play them.  And that is the rub.  For these there are openings for those who can run, think, and have stamina.  Consider them for many a student can climb up and make them his or her sport.

If you got an little information and wish me to continue writing other ideas let me know in comments.  I was a teacher for forty years and saw many a student achieve through extra curriculums their goals for a bright future.

Now I know I started small but for those who have a schedule that makes investigating the obvious difficult, I declare one step in the right direction can lead to a path to greatness.


3 thoughts on “Getting to save your kid

  1. Hi Barry, This post of yours is the top of the page on the day I discovered your blog.

    You make a good point regarding the value of introducing kids to sports. I think perhaps the biggest takeaway here is parental involvement in the formative years of a child’s life. Many parents have a better understanding of sports than they have of interpersonal relationships and can grow their confidence in parenting as their kids gain confidence in the sport.

    Kids are going to naturally assume that their parents know what they are doing and hopefully by the time they figure out that this might not be the case – with any luck – the kids may be so wrapped up in sports they don’t have time to give the folks a hard time (he says tongue-in-cheek.)

    Pleased to find your blog – looking forward to poking around the archives while I look for your next installment. 🙂

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