Wasting my brain on a Sunday afternoon

Expressions are crazy:

Why does getting out of the closet mean to admitting you are gay?

How gay is Paris?

Is a splinter group really dense like wood?

He had a blank stare means no expression than why do we figure he is blank?

I am dyslexic and reverse numbers but catch 22 is a loop which I can not escape from.

Since I am dyslexic when I got married I said instead of “I do” “do I” and my future wife hit me.

That hit was forty five years ago and I am still bruised.

What country flag is black and blue?

I never got over the Boston Tea Party.  Why such a fuss when Americans drink coffee instead of tea?

Was Mother Theresa a real mother?  Does the Pope have children?  Why not?

Mentors are usually men, if women would they be wontors?

My fortune cookies was a ill fortune because I got sick from the Chow Mein.

Is risky business, business with peril?

If Zombies eat brains and the brains are of low IQ does it mean they would get dumber?

Do the people of Singapore sing?

My poor pores are clogged with black heads.

I have a mental image of an oasis where the camels have smiles for their carry a lite load on their humps.

Did blade runner get cut when he shaved?

The mind is poorer when it is wasted and I have proven that.


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