A Halloween Poem for you.

It is kinda of funny how monster films begat more creatures of the night,

They produced them in Hollywood and on Halloween bring them out to fright.

They are run back to back mostly in Black and White,

The werewolf with his transformation and the teeth that bite.

Speaking of biting there is Dracula with pointed fangs,

Making an army of monsters, monster gangs.

Zombies are now in the rage, even at Disney they have their own stage,

Creeps me out, they ooze blood and flesh,

Their bodies held together with bandages and mesh.

In the fifties there was a rash of giant creepy insects and things,

Giant spiders, gila monster, grasshoppers and ants with wings,

Piranha came in color and swam upstream to fed,

UFO saucers spun around the earth and blasted us with incredible speed.

And what do they all have in common and share with each other,

They feed on humans like popcorn, eating dad, mom, sister and brother.

Some have even comedy on their side as they dine,

I can see them all as they dance away on a conga line.

King Kong and Godzilla, cousins with a kick,

Mothra, and Gorgo eating humans on a stick.

So many in fact and yet there is more horror in real life,

Ebola, Mad Cow Disease and cancer make human misery and strife.

We fear the bug from outer space which could infect us all,

Wiping out humanity and leaving our cities empty, no one to shop at the mall.

With humans gone, will the Yeti settle down,

Will the It Clown get lonely and in the mirror see fear,

Will the insects become the conquers of the earth,

Will a new monster appear from a devils birth?

Is this the end????????


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