Animals in words

Animals in words.

You are a leach my friend who sucks me dry.

You are the pest my mother warned me to avoid with talcum powder.

The flea can jump and must be making you irritable for you cannot sit or stand still.

You bug me.

You need to be petted.

I see your vocabulary is limited to sit, stay and roll over.

Some people are annoying and that includes you.

Three dog’s night could sing in the day if you joined them.

Howl for your supper and go hungry.

Tic, Tock and Dough are words that come to mind when I think of you.

You must enjoy slop for it is on your shirt and in your moustache.

Birds of a feather flock together, but you go alone.

If a cat had your tongue he would spit it out.

You are the ultimate canary for you sing every moment of the day.

Do clay pigeons come in the form of pigeons?

Why does the cow moo and the goat baa.  Why different strokes for different animals?  Should they both moo and baa?

How come the cow is not green?  What about a pink lizard?


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