a perspective on the debate

Some days everything goes the way you want it to go,

Other days it is the opposite, from the high to the low.

It is like poker, you go on a roll and then there is the bust,

Time to withdraw and run from the table, the money turned to dust.

And so when I viewed the Republican debate the question was,

Should I stay or should I go.

They were going to state their positions but no one mentioned ISIS,

They went instead against the moderators who are not part of the crisis.

Touchy feely and out of sorts, no direction but name calling,

I believe that some will withdraw after the numbers they will be falling.

Ah,  politics makes strange bed fellows,

At times bombastic and at time there are bellows.

But in the end where do they lie and what do they stand for,

Unpeel the onion and let us see their real stands and their real core.


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