The world is got a doctors appointment for the disease has spread,

The quality of the air is poor and there is fear and dread.

The earth is revolting by spasms and screams,

It is ready to burst apart from earthquakes at the seams.

An earthquake here, a volcano there,

Black clouds of pollution everywhere,

A nuclear reactor leaking poison into the ocean,

There are globs of crap making a witches potion.

We blame global warming, pollution from cars in the air,

We blame the fact it is gone on for so long, because there was no care.

Can this be resolved and the earth be made well,

If not is this the end of humanity and our descent into hell.

When the earth shudders and rocks back and forth with pain,

Humanity starts dying by earth, wind and tons of rain,

Will we be able to move to a more sane life and restore the balance of the earth?

Will we be able to renew our world and have it saved by a rebirth?

Time will tell and the countdown is going down,

Time for the world to get serious and not clown around.


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