It crashed into the Alps with a high rate of velocity and therefore buried itself into the glacier.  The invader from space looking for a world to conquer was immobilized in ice.

It took years for it finally to come out.  The protoplasm of an alien in a shape which could not be described except it was a mass of a shape.  No eyes, no nose and no face.  But inside the blob was an intelligence.

It crawled out onto the ice. It was dying from the exposure to the cold.  And then it seized a moment of chance for a yeti came upon it.  It feasted on the yeti and became one.  A yeti which could survive the cold.  It was safe.

The Sherpas came upon the yeti and in a fit of rage and fear killed it with their spears.  The alien thus died.  An alien which had come to conquer earth died in a yeti which was a peace loving creature.


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