What is real and what is not?

He had a thorn in his side and removed it with aplomb,

It was a painful procedure so he numbed himself with a bottle of rum,

Out it came a sharp object with a tip of vain and bitters,

He flung it out of the window where it was eaten by the night critters.

If only we could get rid of that which bothers us with speed,

Sometimes the cure causes pain and then we bleed,

The separation can be a source of pain and then relief,

That is the source of many of a story and the basis of belief.

Are the tales true or made up by the imagination of a few,

Is it the truth or false readings of what someone’s warped view.

Is the tooth fairy real, Santa Claus with toys, Peter Pan with the lost boy’s?

Or is the smidgeon of truth in the stories of long ago?

Is the Yeti on the Alps yodeling for pleasure while throwing a snowball?

Is the Loch Ness swimming in the loch, twenty feet or so tall?

And finally the UFO is landing on the White House Lawn with a message,

What is real or false, tough questions, and not answered by the written page.


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