More words

Have you noticed that the news alerts are frequent?  Anything becomes a news alert.  Some nut case opens fire at a college and it is a news alert.  A fire in a warehouse becomes a news alert.  It is a small fire but a slow news day.  Now I understand the shooting but the fire?

Did you see the Aflack duck in the Chinese restaurant eating Peking duck? It was of course the result of duck rage.

Where does the Progressive Girl have her insurance?

Does Geico hire cavemen and cavewomen to process claims?

Is the Pillsbury Dough Boy rolling in dough?

Do you have to be a Virgin to fly Virgin Airlines?

There seems to be a rash of craziness in the running for the President of the United States.  I wonder how crazy it was to be around the time of the Revolutionary War.  Remember over half of the country did not want to pull away from England.  Washington was offered the Kingship of America.

While I was chewing gum I worry about gum disease.

Do German people obsess about germs?

Everything appears to be on sale?  Even sails on yachts are on sale?  Do both sales and sails flap in the wind?

We send people into outer space in little spaces.  The ships are not roomy at all.

Can an astronaut have claustrophobia?

There is a dog whisperer, I wonder if he talks normal to cats.  Is he a friend of the cat guy, Galaxy?


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