Halloween is coming, board up the house,

Time to be quiet, quiet as a church mouse.

The children are coming for trick or treat,

I okay the ones that are cute and neat.

But there is the other group that I fear and dread,

The ones who wish for the trick, toilet paper instead.

Eggs on the car, or destruction on their brain,

Those are ones who I fear, that drive me insane.

I am not fond either of costumes that are gore and blood,

Or the carnage of candy wraps and other garbage and crud.

It is not the neatness holiday of joy and good intentions,

It is the holiday of naughty children and excuses, and tension.

By ten o’clock the good children are in bed,

But the teenagers hyped on candy are on a sugar high and well fed,

They prowl around until the mischief starts,

They who key the cars and ride around in grocery carts.

Oh, who dreamt up this holiday of darkness and evil?

Someone out to get a chuckle from the swelling of a boll weevil,

Each year it comes and goes like a bump in the night,

I hope this one in two week is calm and not a fright.


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