The World of the future according to Wax

The future and the movie.

They got somethings right and yet they did not hit the mark on some things.

My predictions:  A chip will be inserted in every human being and a computer can find you at any given time.  We will use the technology similar to dog finders.  No soldiers will go missing.  Now to avoid the chip being removed, the chip will dissolve in your blood stream and unless you drain the body completely it will register with the system.  We will track illegals and missing people with this concept.  How will we get everyone to get the chip?  It will be a money thing.  Get the chip and pick up a money voucher.

Note: money vouchers.  We will get away from money, the cash concept will be gone as credits will be used.  Money is cumbersome and counterfeited.  Each person will transfer their money into a new system.  Their fingerprint and eye recognition patterns will be used to pay for items.

Cancer will be a thing of the past.  The transporter concept will be used.  The body will be immobilized and an area in the body will be transported out via Star Trek.

The cancer will be used as to future cancer.  It will be made into an anticancer syrup which will be ingested to fight future cancers.  Similar to the injections we take to fight smallpox and measles.

Conspiracy theories will continue as the public like’s drama.  The shows on television will be retro.  Back to Mod Squad, Chips, and Stansky and Hutch will be a white guy and a transvestite.  It will get as wild as you can imagine.

Homophobia will reach a fever pitch as the President of the future will be a Homosexual.  His vice president a woman, his cabinet will include a Muslim, a Jew, two Catholics and a person who believes in Buddha.


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