The Mind is a terrible think to waste and here is the waste

Mother’s unite and join the mom union.  No more diapers, no more dishes and pay for housework.  Yeah, go women, go.

I think woman should express themselves more.  More drama, more emotional swings and PMS means Proving My Self by actions determined by the random of my mood swing.

Men are clueless about women.  The only flush they understand is when they pull the lever on a toilet bowl.

Why are so many people so mean?  We watch the news and see the mean streaks of the crazies out there and enjoy the implosion.  It was a tragedy when a young person dies of an overdose and yet we go to movies where it is joked about when people take pills and go crazy.  Drinking is pushed as something that is done and all fun, yet it causes drunk driving deaths, liver damage and stupid actions.

They are running out of variations on serial killers.  One I thought of his the killer killing transvestites with bra straps.  Weird and puts kinky up a notch.

Tattoo ink is everywhere.  I think the next phase is tats for toes.  Little faces on the toe, like the piggies.

Can pigs fly?  The new airlines called “Oink”.  Instead of peanuts as handouts they give pork rinds. The stewards give out bacon sandwiches.

Why do I feel sorry for Jed Bush?  He has been trumped so many times, he is like the kid being bullied and knocked down as in Captain America in the beginning of the movie.

What happened to the woman in the Republican debate?  Was she just a flash of notice and then burn out?  Half of the people cannot remember her name.  In fact there are a half dozen who were on that stage who are forgotten and still running the race.  Why bother?   Maybe they are trying for vice president.

Biden is getting annoying.  In or out, cut the line, fold the cards, enough is enough.


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