Elliot with my coffee

A little Elliot with my coffee.

This is how the world will end with “a whimper not a bang!”

So wrote T.S. Elliot in Hallow Men, the bells have rang.

The trumpet have blown and the faces of those I have known,

Fade into the mist of the past, nothing, and nothing ever lasts.

The dinosaurs surely never thought they would die,

The civilizations of the Mayan, Ming Dynasty, America, sigh,

We come, we go and what is left is little to know,

A scrape of paper, a record on a computer screen,

The facts of whether we were fair or just plain mean.

It matters little, it is just a mere fact, what once was and now a distant fact.

We are in trivia and a few names ring out clear and true,

But slowly we will disappear into oblivion, gone the human view.


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