A few questions in the darkness of my mind

Are bakers on a roll?  Do bagels with a smear file for abuse?

There are torts with jelly and the question of their legality is in jeopardy?

How spicy are the Spice Islands?

Many people who came over from Russia lied about their age.  They thought they had to be twenty one so they fabricated their age so they could come to America.  Over the years it blended in and so when they died the real age became fuzzy.

When the egg is fertilized the child is technically born and therefore the age of a person should be out and about plus eight to nine months.

Do people who speculate on the stock market wear spectacles and do they do something spectacular when they make a killing? Why do they go free if they make a killing?

Criminal activity can be abetted.  You can bet on it.

You can be a right hand man but would that be true if they are left handed?

Why do we complicate things?  Have twelve people look at the same stuff and you get at least one not seeing what the other eleven see.  That is in a nut our jury system.  A nut in the peanut gallery or a nut on the bench.  That is really what the gavel is for.

How can a door be ajar when it has no lid?

Lineage is the study of a line and how old is it?  Should not it be concerned with length?

Hemisphere is half a sphere, hem is on a skirt and is full and hemp is something you smoke.  Hem can be hem or haw.

I control your horizontal and your vertical and I will put you on a diet.

If man can be a wild animal, can an animal be a wild man?

Getting a bang for your buck is rough for a man at a stag party.

Are there stars up there that do not shine?  Hidden from sight, just wondering in the dark.


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