Going through Life

There are phases in history that come or go.  I remember the time when it was a weekly occurrence of someone hijacking a plane and going to Cuba.  I remember the trepidation of the Muriel Boat flotilla coming in from Cuba.

I remember the marches of long ago.  Change was in the air alongside the gas of smoke bombs.

I remember the serial killers who stalked us.  The Manson Trial, the Zodiac Killer, and the campus killer in Florida.  I had friends who had children at the school. They were terrified.

I remember the first three D movies.  The Wax Museum was one of them and they had a yoyo coming out of the screen towards the audience.  Charles Bronson was in that one but under his real name.

I remember the first Oceans Eleven.  I think we are up to fourteen.

I remember a wooden fixture above the sink in our apartment in Brooklyn where we could hang clothes to drip dry.

I remember chicken fat in the refrigerator to cook with.

I remember t.v. diners and that strange stuff they had for desert.

I remember when the astronauts landed on the moon for the first time.  We watched and looked for aliens.

I remember John Wayne and loved his movies even though they are basically the same.

I remember going to movies and seeing two feature films, five cartoons and a serial episode and all for less than a buck.  I remember going in with a bag of food and spending hours there.

I do not remember a time when the world was at real peace.  There was always something.  The Cuban Missile Crisis, the Cold War, the Vietnam conflict.  Buildings crashing on 9-11, the assassination of Kennedy.  Teaching for twenty seven years in Middle School, eight years at college, summer school teaching, and the stroke that I suffered through eleven years ago.

It has flown by.  Ups and downs.  That my friends is life.  You have a choice. Embrace it and go on, or depress it in a quagmire of sadness.  For myself I laugh and march on.


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