A few nonsense observations.

It is funny how the way a word is used changes everything,

He was blank can mean a blank stare with no one conscious of their surroundings.

But a blank check can mean the ability to spend without consequence.

Can a seafarer have sea sickness in a calm sea.  Can he also be calm while eating a clam?  Can the clam be clammed up?

How virgin is virgin oil?  Why do religious zealots sacrifice the virgins and not the harlots?

In reality one does not really go under in quicksand and it is not quick nor just sand.

Sea cucumbers do come from the sea but they are squirmy like caterpillars and are not veggies.

How wonderful is wonder woman?  Does she have a pilot license to fly the invisible jet?  How does she see the controls on the jet if it is invisible?

The news is composed of north, east, west and south.

Somewhere there is a paradise, Ponce de Leon looked for the Fountain of Youth.  He went to Florida.  The Fountain of Youth eluded him and he died an old man? I went to Florida too, but the taxes took away the chance for me to build that fountain.  I can afford a faucet but that does not give me youth.

I have wrinkles.  I tried to iron them by taking iron pills.  To no avail.


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