A few points of conjecture.

Trump:  I have noticed a crack in the armor.  He has now said, “That if he tanks, he will withdraw.”   You never show weakness and here we have a boisterous man, and he admits he could tank?  He is ahead in the polls.  The people behind him have heavy flaws that he can play on.  Why this statement?  Why now?

I question how much of his fortune Trump has used?  Is he cutting his loses?  Just wondering.

Can we defeat ISIS?  I do not know.  I am still amazed that we have only had a few incidents in the United States.  We house millions of Muslims and some could be persuaded to go radical on us and yet we have just a few examples of carnage?  Our FBI and others are either doing a great job and we are in the not to know category or we are just plain lucky.

We are obsessed with the news.  We watch and wait.  Look at a newscast.  They have an hour to fill.  Therefore it is scripted to what they show you.  They repeat ad nausea a story until we cannot stand it anymore.  In the background are the stories of the past.  The man who shot a man in a movie theater, the slaughter in the other movie theater, the Davis situation and not giving out marriage licenses to Gays.  More and more unresolved stuff.  But what goes on an hour of news.

We love retro.  Kids are now seeing the crap I watched when I was a kid.  They are seeing old Batman, old Superman, and Gilligan and his Island.  Everybody knows the theme of the island.  Hell, Gilligan, the Skipper and the Howells are gone, only Mary Ann and Ginger are left and they are in their sixties.  Time goes on.

They are arguing on who will be on the bill.  What woman best represents America.  Rosa Parks, Ms. Roosevelt, or who?  I think it should be a woman.  Just a regular mom who works raising the kids and does the amazing job of running a house, has a job, raises the kids and listens to her husband on occasion.  I agree it is not easy being a woman.  Under the gun and under paid.


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