Confusion in the words of communication

Facebook: Is that a book of faces? Will the next phase be I book, a book on eyes?  What about the lip book on rumors and lies?

Manure puzzles me.  Do we spread it on crops?  Is not manure really shit?  Do the farmers wear gloves and wash their hands continually.  Is there a station on the trees with disinfect solution to keep the hands sanitized.  No wonder there is a rash of diseases infecting our population.

People puzzle me. They are weather freaks.  It is too hot, too cold, and too humid.  Occasionally it is just right.  Do you think the cavemen talked about the weather?  Or the dinosaurs they were eating?  The concept there was no dinosaurs around that time is wrong.  Some dinosaurs exist today.  The alligator is an example, and so is the shark.

Why lawyers are called sharks.  Do they circle the court as they talk?

How can weather be bad?  If it is bad can it be punished?

Meditation starts with med.  Is it a form of medication?

I am looking for a de sign.  De means from.  Therefore design should mean a sign from somewhere?

I was taught breakdown a word and get the meaning.  How come when people talk they have secret meanings?  My wife says things with secret meanings.  Do this but she means do not do that. Confusion reigns when we communicate.  It is like the car salesmen who says believe I will not lie to you.  When someone says, “To be honest” I figure that they also mean that if they do not say that they are being dishonest and therefore dissing me.


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