A small bit

The body lay on the floor.  A knife stuck into the chest.  Death was not pretty.

The knife had fingerprints.  It was the fingerprints of the person who had just buttered a piece of bread.  Mixed with the blood were traces of butter.

But this was not the knife the killer had used.  For also in the wound was water, cold water.

The killer had used a frozen icicle that was kept in the freezer.. Then used in the killing.  It melted.  Afterwards and to throw in a red herring, the killer used the butter knife and slide it into the wound.

Paula Dean was convicted and sent to prison to eat a diet high on butter content.

A small idea that crept into my mind,

Something foolish but a concept with design.

Someone out there may use it and write a script,

Caused by my idea, a project to be done from this tip.


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