Cancer Returns

Cancer has returned.  Michael who survived brain cancer is now in New York.  I wrote two years ago how he went to New York and underwent six chemo routines.  For years he has been checked and came out clean.

Now they spotted a mass in his abdomen and surgery is today.
A prayer would be appreciated.  He is turning fourteen this month.  His mother is at home recuperating from a colon cancer operation.

One day may this disease be eradicated from the earth.  I will redo the blog on him and add it to the blog of the day.  Hope is high.


One thought on “Cancer Returns

  1. Barry, I’m so sorry to hear about Michael. I know what loving a grandchild is: your heart and soul. He’s is in the best hospital in the country for. this and I know all will turn out well.
    Nothing like life kicking you in the ass. The older we get the more we see. I’m praying for Michael and for you Alice and the family. With love , Bev

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