Putting ones foot in ones mouth

We say dumb things because our brain reacts and we do not think,

Sometimes they are honest and should not be said, sometimes our words just stink.

Better keep your mouth shut and swallow your wagging tongue,

For who knows how it will be interpreted, you just may appear dumb.

We should not answer questions that put us in a bind,

“Does that dress look good on me?” Is a question that comes to my mind?

You will not win for she will find fault in either case,

So why state anything at all for it is all just a waste.

Do you call someone ugly as a passage of a right?

Trump you are a pig, squirm with all your might.

The woman in question was sixty if not a day.

Would you threat your mother in that shameful way?

No we are pouty mouth and we are fostered by the idiot box,

We think it is funny but it is hurtful and we should be treated like chicken pox.

Keep it to yourself and just be kind.

Think the pope would make a joke of mankind?


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