Hurtful words that I should have not said.

I hope I do not say something stupid.  I have said some dumb things in my time.  They came out of my mouth before my brain could react “Shut up” and the consequences were not always pleasant.  I was a teacher and I should have known better but sometimes you are misinterpreted by the best intentions. Sometimes the drivel sprouts out and you can’t contain it.

I use to teach with a man named Raper.  He fought in World War Two and went up a hill in Italy.  There was a church on the hill and the Germans were using it as an outpost.  Finally the United States blasted it with gunfire.  It was a sacrilegious thing to do but we were losing guys.

I went into the teacher’s lounge and only John and I were there.  For some reason a chord of some sort was hanging from the ceiling.  Maybe a janitor had hung it there for some reason. I just do not know.  I sat down and said, “Looks like they got a hanging rope up there, after my last class I think I might use it.”  John started to cry.  He ran to the bathroom to get away from me.  A guy who braved gunfire crying.  I did not know what to do or say.  Later I learned John’s oldest kid had hung himself.  When things calmed down I apologized to John but he never talked to me the same as he had done before.  I hurt him deeply.

I was at a t-ball game when my daughter Beth was little.  The kid before her went up to bat. He was awful and did not too well.  I muttered under my breath that he hit like a retard.  His parent was in front of me and turned.  She said with hate in her voice, “My child is retarded, you bastard.”  I could have crawled into a hole.  I apologized but it did not help.

Like I said sometimes keeping one’s mouth shut is wise.  When asked for my opinion I do the open end method.  I give just a hint and move on.  Conflict has proven to be non-productive. As a Social Studies teacher I never gave the students an indication where I stood on a political race.  I told them to get the facts and come to their own conclusions.  So my advice to you is be comfortable with yourself but keep ranting and raving to a minimum.  Those who agree with you will still be your companions.  Those who disagree will not be persuaded by you to change their minds.  Avoid drama it goes internal and causes physical problems.  Words can hurt.


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