The tortoise and the hare, updated

This is the story of the tortoise and the hare,

I will try to tell it with homage and flair.

Yes the hare is fast but lost direction,

He is like the children of today, offset with their own reflection.

Concerned not with goals but fast satisfactions,

A group that jumps to conclusions and knee jerk reactions.

And then there is the tortoise, slow and steady.

Determined and set in mind and solid ready.

He does not digress, but paced,

He concentrates on one thing: the race.

No gadgets to distract him, no greed, and no weird thought.

Wrinkled and old, a few scars from prior battles he fought.

The hare dies at an early age from the pace of his life,

The tortoise lives for a long time because he avoided the strife.

Maybe it is a far reach to think of our youth as tortoise versus hare,

But too many of our young have died for little reason, from lack of care.

Life is precious and yet we squander it with greed and waste,

Reading and watching the news, gives me a bitter taste.


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