Reflections on a Pope

It went viral, that cute picture of the little animal or the baby in his daddy’s arms.

We all went ooh and ah and tears crept around the fringes of our eyes.

We are a funny lot, we laugh, and we cry and do on occasion sigh,

But in truth most of us have compassion.

And it is emphasized in the form of an old man in white who is called Pope,

He stops and kisses a baby, takes a note from a young girl,

He blesses everyone he meets, he turns away no one.

He is humble and wishes the world to be, just, “Nice”

A simple concept.  The basis of humanity.  Faced with the reality that man can be cruel.

His tool, his voice and the reflection of his life.

For this reason most accept the fact he is real and reflects what is right in the world.

Refreshing to the extreme.  May he live for a long time and continue giving his message.


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