Rumor has it.

It started with a whisper and slight suggestion in the middle of the night,

It was repeated and then repeated until it grew and became a fright.

It was never proven, and it appeared faceless with no rhyme or reason,

Yet there it was, a mere suggestion, a nudge of a lie, something bordering on treason.

The public turned and the rumors grew to a truth,

Before anyone knew it, the truth became the root.

It was acted upon and the cards fell into place,

It did not matter that it was based on a lie, it had no base.

The Yeti, the Nessie, the UFO of the past,

The rumor that so and so had a drunken blast.

The sickness rumor that was blown out of proportion,

The rumor that infidelity existed and no exercise of caution.

The world will end soon in a blaze of fire and smoke,

The rich will fall from grace and become poor and broke.

All lies and dreams of the inane,

All the crazy things, making us insane.

What is truth?

The rumor of the day?

Watch who announces the rumor and do not fall sway.


4 thoughts on “Rumor has it.

  1. It’s funny how lies suddenly take on a life of their own in the right environment. Rumor is even worse because there’s always an element of truth mixed into the story. Your last warning is the best advice you could have given to anyone suspecting a rumor to surface. You are very wise, my friend.

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